Patio Doors

Bringing the outdoors in with our Patio Door.
Sturdy PVC sash and PVC-clad wood-frame
Double and triple weather stripping for exceptional performance
Double latch locking system with rounded D-shaped handle
Double tandem adjustable nylon rollers with steel bearings
Available in White or Tan
Choose from standard 5 5/8" frame depths in standard 81 3/16" or optional 79 1/2" frame heights
Standard Width Sizes Available, 5’, 6’, 7 ½’, 8’, 9, 10’ and 12’
Custom sizes also available upon request
Footlock and Keylock for added security
Anti-Theft Security Bar (white only)
Durable, High Quality Twin-Point Lock
Wood /Vinyl Clad Brickmold and Aluminum Sill Extension
Royalton Series handle available in 6 finishes.
Screw-On Nail Fin for new construction application.
Glazing options – Low-E with Argon Gas and Warm Edge Spacer, Tinted, V-Groove, Grilles, Internal Mini Blinds
5 7/8” wood frame (5 5/8 + 1/4” PVC extended clad); 7 7/8” wood frame (7 3/8” + 1/2” PVC extended clad)
Optional interior extensions to achieve: 8 1/4”, 8 1/2” and 9 1/4” overall depth
Garden Panel
Color Choices

More colour options to enhance the beauty and value of your home. Colours shown here are samples and will vary based on your device's screen. Contact a dealer for official samples.

Performance and Specifications - Canada
CAN-CGSB-82.1-M89 ~ Size Tested: 71’’ x 81 1/8’’ OX/XO AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101./1.S.2/A440
Air Tightness A3
Water Resistance B3
Wind-load Resistance C3
Forced Entry F1
Ease of Operation E3
USA/CANADA PG50 / A3 LEVEL / ER = 32 (Based off 6’ Low-e/Argon)
ER Value U Factor (W/m2-K) SHGC
180 Double Pane 32 1.76 0.53
180 Double Pane + Grids 28 1.76 0.46
180 Double Pane Applied Kick Panel 29 1.7 0.45
180 Double Pane Applied Kick Panel + Grids 25 1.7 0.39
180 Triple Pane 36 1.31 0.43
180 Triple Pane + Grids 32 1.36 0.38
180 Triple Pane Applied Kick Panel 34 1.25 0.37
180 Triple Pane Applied Kick Panel + Grids 30 1.31 0.32

Patio Doors

Designed for both energy efficiency and style, this gently sliding patio door combines the strength of a wood frame and mechanical sashes with the aesthetics and durability of PVC vinyl.
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